Greetings, traveler! It looks like you’ve stumbled upon the online home of Meuthazorxd. Meuthazorxd is an exciting new musical project making waves with fans of all shapes and sizes hungrily lapping up its bold combination of porpoisecore, petroglitch and blundercrust stylez. Meuthazorxd is the perfect type of music to listen to. There are two albums made by Meuthazorxd right now along with a few singles, and plenty waiting in the future to be made. Contributors and friends of the project include Gryx, DJ Zogg, Protocorm, the Thnashmask Multilith, Ozach, Yelturg, the Brothers Ob, the Kriigamites and Peltorpha Amephoria. Why not spend some time with Meuthazorxd, but be careful! trickles of slippery but invisible sludge saturate these parts of the net...





We played a DJ set you can watch the DJ set BELOW 0_o

"In remote ancient times there were some intelligent monsters who came from outer space. They happened to see our earth's beautiful mountains and enchanted scenery and almost drooled with envy. So they came to earth one by one. The Tranquil and auspiccious earth thus becomes unstable. In a moment the earth is filled with a reactionary reign of terror and fighting. Under the backdrop of sanguinary times it aroused the flagitious and provocative wild nature of the Hundreds of Thousands of monsters and then more Sanguinary and combative stories continues."

A universe of unseen magic waits all around you...